Transparency at WE ARE ZRCL

Transparency is our core value, and a fully transparent and traceable production and supply chain is part of every garment we make.


Transparency is one of the main pillars of WE ARE ZRCL and a must for us throughout the entire supply chain. This is the only way we can guarantee that our fashion is produced organically, ecologically and fairly.

WE ARE ZRCL goes much further than writing “Made in …” on the washing label, because that says nothing about the ecological production or the working conditions. As long as the production chain is not traceable, there is no guarantee that you as a customer are really holding a fairly and ecologically produced T-shirt in your hand. That’s why our partner Remei, as network manager, runs a control system over the entire production chain. In this way, we can ensure the controlled quality of our productions and guarantee compliance with ecological as well as social requirements. Particularly important are the trusting relationships with our partners in the supply chain combined with a regular direct exchange. Last but not least, every WE ARE ZRCL garment has a traceability number on the wash label. You can enter the number on our TRACK ME page and thus trace the entire production chain. You can find out exactly how this works here.



As a streetwear label without secrets, we want to know who we are working with. This starts with the seeds and the organic farmers who produce our organic cotton in Tanzania and India. Because we are convinced that sustainability can only work if we as a label know the parties involved, their work and their core values. Remei AG, as the supplier of the organic cotton, can guarantee this transparent supply chain. That is why we work exclusively with Remei for our organic cotton collections.

The still young collection made of Swiss organic sheep’s wool should also be completely transparent. As we are in the process of building up and expanding our collection here, you will find all the information about the different producers linked on our website and in the descriptions of the respective products.


With the traceability of the supply chains, we not only want to strengthen our own trust in the suppliers, but also build a bridge between you as a customer and all those involved in the production of your ZRCL garment. When you see what goes into the production of a T-shirt, it creates appreciation for each individual garment. Especially when fair working conditions are respected and the pieces are produced ecologically, so that you can enjoy your new t-shirt, trainer pants or socks even more.

Passing on to you the knowledge of where a garment comes from is one of our guiding principles. It is to show that transparency means much more than just a “Made in …” on the washing label, and that you can demand this information with every garment you buy.