As a responsible brand, we will show you how we develop our textiles sustainably so that they can be returned to the cycle.
How you can use RE:PAY to convert defective or worn-out WE ARE ZRCL textiles into a voucher, and what the textile circular economy of the future should look like.

This way nature, the people in our supply chain and your wallet benefit!


Let’s recreate the textile cycle. Produce smart, choose smart, wear smart, care smart and return smart!

THIS IS WHAT WE DO: All our textiles are made from organic natural fibres. We do not use any blends or synthetic fibres such as spandex in the main fabric. We dye without the use of toxic chemicals. In this way, we already ensure during the development of our products that the fabric remains pure and can be recycled after use. In case of disposal, the impact on our environment should be as low as possible.

THAT’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: Wear what’s already there! Rethink your clothing consumption and analyse your wardrobe. What will be your new favourite piece and what suits your style? Combine different basics that you can wear for as many occasions as possible. Take care of your clothes and look after them according to the care label. Here you can find the WE ARE ZRCL textiles for HER & HIM that no capsule wardrobe should be without and what a capsule wardrobe is.

  • 400% increase in textile consumption in the last 20 years
  • 60% of all clothes contain synthetic fibres
  • 35% of microplastics in the oceans come from textiles
  • 40% of clothes are never worn up to four times



In our flagship store, we sell returned and defective textiles in our second-hand corner. You can find these and many other bargains such as samples and individual pieces twice a year during our sample and warehouse sales. This is how we get all our textiles into circulation and have never had to dispose of anything.


Our textiles can also have faults or be damaged through use. To repair these small and large damages, we work together with a local tailor. We have defective clothes repaired there professionally and for fair wages. In the first year, you can have everything repaired for free*. After that, we offer this service for a fee through our network. Or visit the tailor around your corner. You will be amazed! In many cases a repair is easier and cheaper than the hassle of going to the post office, packing and postage.

*Only against receipt or with a customer account


When the end has definitely come, we take back your worn-out WE ARE ZRCL textiles. We collect and sort them until we have enough material together to make something new, beautiful and resource-saving.

We work with various producers, colleges and universities to develop recycled fabrics and alternative products that give our valuable raw material a new life.

As soon as the first RE:ZRCL products are available, you will find out here and in our newsletter.

Your idea is needed: If you have a use for our old clothes or see a way to return them to the cycle, contact us.


The raw material of your old textiles is worth something to us! We reimburse returned textiles with a goods voucher.

CHF 2.- bags and SACK
CHF 5.- t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, long sleeves, caps
CHF 10.- sweater, hoodies, zip hoodies, trainer pants
CHF 15.- knitwear from our Swiss Edition (without caps and accessories)
This is how returns and reimbursement work:

No matter when and where purchased: We take back all WE ARE ZRCL textiles.

  • Register your return using the online form.
  • You can return your worn-out garments to us by post or drop them off at our flagship store.
  • As soon as we have received your garments, you will receive your WE ARE ZRCL voucher by email.
  • Excluded from the RE:PAY system are our socks and textiles that are so heavily soiled that they can no longer be reprocessed.